SMG Review: Go Go Tuners TT-1

SVH took Go Go Tuners TT-1 out for a test drive, check it out!


There are many tuners on the market that clip on to your headstock and most all of them really work the same way. They effectively get you in tune very quickly in just about any setting. They all seem to work the same by using either a built-in mic or the vibration of the instrument to pick up the note values and the GoGo Tuner TT-1 works the same way. However, this little puppy has some pretty cool little features and conveniences that make it stand out a bit above the rest.

The main features include its fast accuracy up to ±.5 cent and a range that covers from A0(27.5Hz) – C8(4186.00Hz), and can be calibrated for alternate tunings with a pitch range from 430-450hz. The TT-1 also precisely tunes a multitude of instruments including acoustic guitar, electric bass, violin, viola, ukulele, electric guitar, brass and woodwind instruments, and has 5 settings: Chromatic/Guitar/Bass/Violin/Viola. It uses a single battery and comes with an Auto Power-Off function that preserves the battery life…. something I think any musician can appreciate.


The other stand out features include a large bright LED screen, which illuminates red when out of tune and green when in tune, while simultaneously showing you if you are sharp or flat. The 360 degree swivel arm bracket makes positioning the TT-1 a snap in any direction. The design of the unit makes this a great tool for learning note names as you practice. For example, if playing scales slowly, the tuner will pick up each note. This will help you develop a better sense of what notes are where on your fretboard, aiding in the development of your ear to distinguish pitches accurately. The swivel also makes it easy to hide the bulk of the tuner behind your headstock, therefore leaving it intact to “tune on the fly” during gigs without having a huge eyesore on the end of your axe. The clamp is very rugged and durable and has soft rubber material inside the clamp that clings tightly without scuffing or scratching your prized instrument.

With these few added features and intuitive functionality, the TT-1 is one of the coolest little headstock tuners on the market today and at a price of $29.99 a smart buy on a tool of the trade you really can’t live without.

Check out SVH’s video review: Here



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  • Bill

    Just bought this tuner…I love it!! Very easy to see and accurate!

  • Mona

    My Favorite tuner…The screen display kills
    and the clip is the most flexible on the market

  • Jill Baby

    I love this tuner as well. Best of all clip-ons, and I love the big display screen!

    • Mickey Richardson

      @Jill, great to hear. Thanks for leaving the comment, we appreciate the feedback on the tuner!

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