SMG Review: EverTune Bridge

SMG Review: EverTune Bridge


And he’s got no patience for out of tune guitars. Actually, in the case of EverTune there are two commanders of tuning law enforcement intent on keeping recording studios and music venues safe from rogue guitars that tune astray: Cosmos Lyles and Paul Dowd. The birth of their genius dates back to 2005 when Lyles, an engineering graduate and guitar enthusiast, first experimented with the idea of maintaining tuning in the face of compromising factors such as temperature changes and general use and abuse. Recognizing the need for a partner to refine his ideas he teamed up with Dowd, owner of a product development company. Together they devised a mechanical bridge that works remarkably well and needs to be seen, and heard, to believe.


Construction is based on a fairly simple, but brilliant, lever-and-spring system. The tuner end of the strings wrap around tuning posts as on any guitar. At the other end, the strings lay across individual saddles and lock into place at the ball end – again, just as on most guitars. Rather than tuning at the headstock, pitch is adjusted with small hex screws inset into the saddles. Once tuned to pitch, levers attached to the saddles mate with springs inside the bridge assembly and the two work in conjunction to maintain pitch through hell and high water! At this point, the only function of the tuning pegs is to set the guitar into one of three zones: totally slack for string changes, constant pitch accuracy – even bending strings won’t put the guitar out of tune, and pitch accurate with the option to bend notes. Maximum flexibility allows each string to be individually set to any zone. Additional adjustments, easily accessed with a simple hex wrench, include string height for action and length for intonation. But enough of the techie talk…

Simply stated, the EverTune bridge is way cool and does everything it claims! I’ve had a Les Paul outfitted with one of these bad boys in and out of my studio for the past week and through traveling, temperature changes, and literally yanking on the strings, the sucker hasn’t gone out of tune one cent. It’s a great looking piece of hardware, robust and well constructed. The only downside I imagine is quick changes to alternate tunings. But that’s when you grab your other guitar that’s pre-tuned with an EverTune bridge so your roadie can take that well deserved nap.


Battery powered robot guitars? Give me a break. Digital pitch correct? Take a hike. EverTune stays true to the guitar community with an authentic mechanical solution to spending less time tuning and more time making music. At a bit over $300 the price is right for the feeling of comfort that you will suffer tuning troubles no longer. However, you will have to shell out an additional $200 – $300 for a custom install job. That ain’t chump change, but it’s no less true what they say about getting what you pay for.



DIRECT PRICE – $330 for F Model (Strat style), T Model (Tele style), and G Model (Gibson style). $480 for F Model 7-String (7-String Strat style). Available finishes: Chrome, Nickel, Gold Black.


Custom installation required. Click here for more info.

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