SMG Review: Cool Straps Custom Handmade Guitar Straps

Cool Straps is a boutique guitar strap company owned and operated by Terri Hearne out of Lutz, FL.


When you find yourself in the market for a new guitar strap, you may quickly find that not all guitar straps are made the same. Yes, you can go to any guitar shop and find a generic style strap made of plain leather or average quality fabric and Bob’s your uncle. But when you want something unique, of superor quality, that’s when you should start looking towards Cool Straps.


The Strap we received is composed of a thick red brocade satin with extremely densely woven images of classic India paisley and temple patterns. It has that vintage-retro vibe. While the back lining is made of thick red Duchess satin and the leather tabs are made of premium black suede leather (vegan tabs also available).

I had to ask myself what it is that one looks for when shopping for a new strap. I determined that the first thing people notice is what the strap looks like. Is it cool? Does it have a design that fits my image? Are the materials of high quality or cheaply constructed? Is it comfortable when I play? Does it protect my guitar properly and safely? Is it within my budget? Is it made in the USA?


I can address each of those  questions in terms of what I have seen from Cool Straps. For starters the strap I received is sharp. I can easily imagine Alex Lifeson, Jimi Hendrix and/or Joe Bonamassa rockin’ this same guitar strap. It has a classiness to it that lets people know you mean business. I tried it on my Gibson Les Paul and it worked nicely. The materials used on Cool Straps are of a much higher quality than other guitar straps I have used. This is an important one, Cool Straps are incredibly comfortable thanks to its three inch width. I play bass and guitar. I play some heavy axes. We are talking about 10 to 12 lbs. That equals a sore shoulder and back from a normal guitar strap. Cool Straps comfortable materials and wider designs help to reduce the strain and pain of heavy guitars. The suede tabs are very thick and durable. You can fit a strap-lock on it no problem, but I would like to see Cool Straps add a modern type built-in locking system to the strap tabs in order to allow each strap to lock onto your guitar without needing to add other strap-locks. This would add a little more security to the strap/guitar union, I know this is a minor critique as the strap more than exceeds expectations in every other category, but I had to find something to complain about!


There is passion for the craft, and there is going above and beyond expectations. Cool Straps does both. They take an unbelievable amount of pride in the quality and craftsmanship of their guitar straps and their customers’ satisfaction.

All Cool Straps are hand made custom designed straps made of the highest quality materials. For our review sample, we were sent the Red Green and Gold Brocade Guitar Strap India Paisley design (seen in the image above with the vintage Les Paul)  and it was received from Cool Straps in an amazing array of packaging. I thought for a moment that it was my birthday or I just graduated from Guitar University! There was gift wrap and a hand written thank you card, which is included with every purchase, because Terri wants her customer to know how much she genuinely appreciates their patronage.

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