SMG REVIEW: AweSome Musical Instruments’ Jazz Hyper-Mod


Thomas Wnorowski began modding guitars back in the mid-1960s. Thomas figured out a way to replace the 5-position switch on his Strat with three switches that allowed him to control the on/off and regular/reverse phase. This innovation more than doubled the tonal options on his stock axe. Thomas’s  tinkering and experimentation eventually led to the founding of AweSome Musical Instruments and his patented Pickup Tone Multiplier™ (PTM) switching system. The Jazz Bass Hyper-Mod is only one of many awesome products, covering both electric guitars and basses, in AweSome’s product line.

The AweSome Musical Instruments’ Jazz Hyper-Mod is a slam dunk!


Every now and then I find it necessary to break out the ole’ bass guitar and jam along to my favorite John Paul Jones and Geddy Lee bass lines. This involves breaking out my bass guitar from its hiding place, hooking up the bass amp and attaching various stomp boxes into the mix. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no tonal wizard or modification master, but I DO know what I like. I LIKE BIG BASS… and I cannot lie!


Like so many stock Jazz basses that I have played, the tone is good right from the start, but if you could get 100% more pickup tones — a total of 6 Pure Analog pickup tones, you’d take it, right?! Why is Awesome Instruments awesome? Well for one thing, at times, what comes stock on any bass can get to be a little boring. If you get bored with the stock tones, you may find yourself spending a good chunk of money on new gadgets like stomp boxes or rack mounted effects processors, etc. Of course some of these effects can be pretty cool to have, but often times, people end up with a few pedals that don’t make the cut. These end up in the closet, while other pedals need cables, batteries, loose wires… and you can’t always be bothered to find or fix this stuff when you’re ready to rock! Will this nightmare ever end? Yes it can.

AweSome Musical Instruments sent us a Jazz Hyper-Mod to review. First problem was, we didn’t have a Fender Jazz bass on hand. This problem was quickly averted. We headed over to Guitar Center and purchased a new Classic Vibe Jazz Bass Guitar for purposes of this review. Guess what? We’re going to give away this SWEET bass (fully modded with the Jazz Bass Hyper-Mod) to one lucky winner! I’ll let you know how to win it in a moment. First, I had to install the Hyper-Mod.

The first step was to remove the stock control panel, this requires a Phillips screwdriver.

Remove three screws and carefully pull out the controls.

The next step is the only slightly challenging part of the modification process. You will need a wire cutter in order to cut the pickup wires and then strip the leads. Once this is done, you can easily connect the leads to the solderless Jazz Bass Hyper-Mod by properly grouping them to the connector.

Use a small flat head screw driver to press down on the connector buttons above each connection and insert the wire, release the button and the wire is connected. It’s just that easy.

Fender’s Classic Vibe Jazz Bass® ’60s with AweSome Musical Instruments’ Jazz Hyper-Mod!


Lastly, I returned the screws to the control plate, (total installation time was about 15 minutes) plugged her in and WOW! I did not want to stop playing this bass. Each time you flip a toggle you are rewarded with a new killer tone that is a MAJOR improvement to the stock options. It’s something that you need to play around with to fully grasp the amazing spectrum of killer tones. No need for effects pedals when you have on of these bad boys, just plug in direct, flip the toggles and have at it! I would highly recommend AweSome Musical Instruments’ Jazz Hyper-Mod to anyone who owns a Fender Jazz and is looking for more tonal options.

Direct Price – $127.97  (Jazz Bass 2-pickup Hyper-Mod Control Plate)

Now is your chance to win this AweSome setup! Enter the SMG Guitar Gear Giveaway for your chance to WIN a brand new Fender 60s Classic Vibe Jazz Bass loaded with Awesome Instruments Jazz Bass Hyper-Mod – CLICK HERE!

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