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  • Peter

    Not who I voted for but FYI it is Gilmour

  • Totally left out Steve Vai and Billy Sheehan

  • Thanks Peter, so who did you vote for?

  • Adam Jones – Justin Chancellor

  • Lennon / McCartney all the way!!;))

  • I voted Vai/Sheehan, although my first thought was Petrucci/Myung.

  • Clapton and Bruce for sure.

  • Townshend / Entwistle FAIL!

    • Hey Andy, we’re just asking for your favorite duo, there are no wrong or right answers man 😉

  • Mayer/Palladino

  • Randy Rhoads & Rudy Sarzo –

    from the moment I first saw them together @ the Starwood club in Los Angeles, when they were in Quiet Riot, it was clear they were an incredible duo. A few years later, the rest of the world got to see the same thing for a very brief time.

    • @Ace – you were lucky enough to see Randy Rhoads in person?! AWESOME, that must have been a very cool experience!!

  • Flea and Frusciante of course!

  • Greg Howe / Jon Reshard

  • Bill Parker

    Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill

  • Cobain and Novoselic

  • some excellent duos….hard to pick just one…but for me Page and Jones!

    not sure how that missed the top of the list. ( not the greatest fan of Rudy Sarzo, as a person, or as a bass player)

  • Billy Gibbons/Dusty Hill is who first came to mind.

    Gary Rossington/Leon Wilkeson from Skynyrd were also good.

    Out of the list provided I’d go with Page/Jones or Lennon/McCartney.

  • No One

    Peavy Wagner / Victor Smolski (Rage)

  • Doug (Dug) Pinnick/Ty Tabor (King’s x)

    Saw them together at NAMM 2011 in Jan
    after waiting 20 years to see them, it was

    and also (but I am biased)
    Pete Way/Michael Schenker

  • Ed Dennison ( Wabash)

    Leslie West and Felix Pappalardi

  • Bill Horn

    Pete Townsend/John Entwhistle

  • Jeff Pennington
  • Ozzyozz

    Tony Iommi and Geezer… shoulda been there….

  • Terry

    Mark Farner & whoever that bass player was

  • Chris Cyanide

    How could Iommi and Butler not be there?

  • ed dennison (wabash)

    Me and Eric Vaughn. LOL!

  • Phil

    Duane Allman and Berry Oakley

  • bob

    Les Claypool and Ler LaLonde.

  • Dennis Saeva

    What about Paul Gilbert & Billy Sheehan? Another amazing combination! 🙂

  • marvyn55

    mark farner and mel schacher as guitarist and bassist

  • Srihari

    Petrucci and myung!

  • Mike Thornhill

    Paul Gilbert and Billy Sheehan!

  • Randy Miller

    Hey! Don’t forget Scotty Moore & Bill Black!

  • Mark Stevens

    How are Stevie & Tommy so low, my goodness, best by far..IMO, which is right,lol!

  • 2manyguitars

    James Jamerson and Robert White

  • Toad

    Steve Morse/Dave LaRue

  • Eddie D.

    Sting and Andy Summers

  • Adam Dennis

    John Frusciante and Flea – For the simple reason that they complement each other perfectly

  • Bill Presley

    McLaughlin/ Laird Mahavishnu Orchestra ’71-’73.

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