SMG Poll: Who’s the Most Over-rated Guitarist?

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  • Ed Dennison ( Wabash)


  • Geoff

    Keith Richards. Although it was hard not to vote for John Mayer.

  • JT Cox

    Slash, without a doubt!

  • Jimi

    Jimmy Page

  • James

    The Edge, as a matter of fact, His whole band is overrated.

  • Alex

    Stevie Ray Vaughan. The guy could not shut up.

  • Ian

    can’t believe jack white is up there on the list, i love his music. tom morello shouldn’t even be mentioned. slash should be number one but i had to vote for edge. what kinda name is edge anyway?

  • SRV

  • Steven White

    Randy Rhodes

  • joe bonamassa

  • JOHN


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