SMG Poll: Who was the Greatest Guitarist of the 1960s?

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  • James

    I like a Lot of these guitarists, and they all played a lot of different styles, But I had to go with Duane Allman, For his age, The work he put in at muscle shoals as a session guitarist, His work with the Early Allman Brothers Band ( their best days were with Duane) and His accomplished Slide Guitar work, that made his sound Instantly recognizable, Leaves me baffled as to how he accomplished so much at such a young age, and if he lived longer, where would he be in his playing abilites now. He was a Gifted Musician.

  • I think Johnny Winter should hold a candle now don’t ya think?

  • Chester

    Chet Atkins … bar none

    • I agree that Chet Atkins was amazing, as was Les Paul, but I would suggest that they would make the 50s generation rather than have them compete with Hendrix and the like!


    RITCHIE BLACKMORE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Agrippa

    Steve Cropper.

  • dasbrainien

    Frank Zappa!!!

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