SMG Poll: Who is Your Favorite Dead Guitarist?

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  • Hmm. I don’t consider Kurt Cobain much of a guitarist. Certainly not in the same league as some of the others in this poll. More along the lines of where Sheryl Crow was placed in another article (here, I believe) on female guitarists. Actually, there are some others in this poll that I’d put in that same category.

    • Mickey

      Hi Chris, lets face it, music is subjective. Talent and skill level can be graded or compared and just as you don’t care for Kurt Cobain or Sheryl Crow my guess is that there are just as many who think they are great. So I guess we can just go with majority rules… but its fun to debate!

  • If picking someone that was not on the list was a choice, I would have to say either Wes Montgomery or Charlie Christian. Both of those guys were (and are, actually) stunningly fantastic guitar players that died well before they should have.

    If forced to stay with the poll choices, I would probably go with Les Paul. I like the he played the most out of those guitar players.

  • Voted Duane Allman. If Clarence White was on the list, I would’ve voted for him.

    • Mickey Richardson

      Hey Jaco, maybe we’ll add Clarence to a part 2 poll! thx for voting!

  • None of the above.
    How about Danny Gatton? Or Roy Buchanan? Or Joe Maphis?

  • Troy Bahr

    I’m just sad that all of them are not around…It’s a tough poll.

  • james

    A lot of Great Players there, and a lot of different styles. I’d usually be with sans direction’s choice and had picked Duane Allman, who is one of my favorite players, but today, I felt like picking Randy Rhodes. I am a little disappointed to see Gary More at the bottom of the list behind Kurt Cobain????

  • This is a tough one… too many to really cover them all. However, I’m going to give a plug to some of the great southern rock guitar pickers who have went on to the great gig in the sky…

    Steve Gaines
    Allen Collins
    Toy Caldwell
    Hughie Thomasson
    Billy Jones
    Tommy Crain
    George McCorkle
    Duane Roland
    Duane Allman

    Out of the list above I’d go with Gary Moore, SRV, Hendrix, Les Paul but I’m like WTF…. where’s is Albert King, Albert Collins, Freddie King, Lightning Hopkins, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Chet Atkins, Jeff Healey, and so many other greats?!?!

  • scott exler

    what ever happened to jeff healey? i havent heard his name in years.

  • Darrell

    Paul Kossoff. I love and admire many – Duane, Rory, Ritchie, Eric, Yngwie and tons of lesser knowns, But Kossoff was just so honest, there’s just something in him overall that seals the deal for me.

  • Tommy Bolin

  • Tristan

    Hello? Anybody ever heard of Django Reinhardt? The dude played guitar without a thumb and index finger to hit the frets. That’s epic. I’m telling you search up Django Reinhardt

  • James A

    Frank Zappa
    Hubert Sumlin (Howlin Wolf’s axeman)
    John McGeoch (greatest Scottish Guitarist ever)

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