SMG Poll: Who is the Most Underrated Rock Guitarist?

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  • Mickey

    Looks like Alex Lifeson of the band RUSH is winning the race! He RULES and its not surprising to me. But there are still so many other great ones out their to include all would be a list 100 pages long, at least!

  • When you see list of the top 50 or top 100 you’ll find Curt and Billy joe Walsh and even Beatle George, seldom see Rory’s name. there currently a campaign to get him inducted into Rock and Roll hall of Fame. I think its long overdue.

    • Yeah, since I put the poll together, I was able to pull on my favs… as you know, you can get 10 guitarists or music fans together and each top 10 list will be so different huh! It’s still fun to see what people think but VERY subjective. I agree with you about Rory too!!

  • sam

    Great Poll-
    I just wish I could vote Santana as “Most Overrated” I have never seen the appeal there….

  • Sam, that’s a good idea for this weeks Poll!

  • Douguitar

    Danny Gatton was possibly THE most underrated guitarist of all time, IMO…He could play anything. Seeing a bunch of half-assed guitarists being worshiped drove him to drink and death.

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