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  • Tony MacAlpine. With suggestions for Michael Lee Firkins and Les Paul.

  • Dannyjoe Carter…hands down, the best, the fastest. He’s the man. And verifiable through Guitar World magazine. I haven’t seen or heard anyone or anything like Dannyjoe. He is phenomenal

  • Steve Vai all the way! Not only is he the fastest shredder, he wrote the book on technique, and his playing is as tasteful and intelligent as it is jaw-droppingly fast.

  • james

    Man, that crowd in the picture looks like a dangerous place to be standing in. Somebody can lose an eye with all those pointy headstocks about.

  • Steve Vai most definitely, with Honorable Mention to..

    Tony MacAlpine (who can actually keep up with Vai)

    and of course

    Dimebag Darrell

  • Doad

    Vai? No…no…and no.

    Its a tie between Vinnie Moore, Shawn Lane, and Guthrie Govan.

    It isn’t what you can do or how fast you do it. At least not to me. Its what you do and how you make a song better by doing it.

  • james

    So three guys beat one Steve Vai ??? That sounds about right!

  • Bert Plume

    I have no one favorite, there are many talented shredders, but I am suprised there has been no mention of Michael Angelo Batio. Listen to his first album “No Boundaries” and be amazed. The guy is a machine practically.

  • Jimi

    Michael Angelo Batio is the ‘Master Shredder’
    and a really great guy also.

  • Doad

    I know how technically proficient Vai is, but he even admits he’s not the fastest or the best. He says Satriani is the ‘best guitar player in the world’. But in spite of how great Buckethead is, Dimebag, Paul Gilbert, Marty Friedman, Malmsteen-the best shred and rock guitarist out there right now is Vinnie Moore. With special nods to Jason Becker and Guthrie Govan.

  • Doad

    …and Shawn Lane!

  • Eric Crawford

    Chris Impelliterri

  • Eric Crawford

    BTW, as a teenaged shredder wannabe, I used to have this poster on my bedroom wall.

  • Brett Garsed.

  • George Bostick

    Jimi Hendrix,Eddie Hazel,Eric Gales,Johnny Winter and Otis Rush should be included as well.

  • arjay ess

    Jake Cinniger

  • Strypertallicadeth


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