SMG Poll: Who is the Best Rhythm Guitarist?

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  • Alex

    Pete Townshend!

  • Art Tryon

    After jammin for a couple of hours to various songs….I think Malcolm Young is my personal favorite. Always there, steady and drivin’ from the back seat!

  • james

    I chose Malcom Young from the choices presented here. I wanted to pick Andy Summers, but then I might have picked Mark Knopfler because Andy is about as much a rhythm player as Mark is. I think Steve Marriott was a Great rhythm player.

  • Lonesome Dave Peverett from Foghat is my favorite Rhythm Guitarist…there are certainly many great ones, but Dave is my favorite!

  • Bill

    Jimmy Page – Communication Break Down.

  • Between the choices presented here it’s a tie between Malcolm and Izzy. But what about Kurt Cobain or Steve Jones?

  • It’s just too hard to chose the best one from that selection. I think Malcolm should be appreciated more. He’s in the shadow of his brother.

  • Scott Ian of Anthrax.

  • Mike

    Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, no one else can rhythm so ridiculously complex stuff and sing at the same time

  • Guy

    Johnny Ramone!!! That guy was a rhythm guitar!!!

  • Somehow I forgot Johnny Ramone. Good call, Guy. . .

  • Mugician

    Lonesome Dave Peverett of Foghat!!

  • Steve Lifson

    Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead! He was such a huge part of their sound.

  • Pama Geis

    Joan Jett hands down!!!!!

  • Brent DeJong

    Robben Ford is in my opinion the best rhythum player

  • Bill Horn

    Pete Townsend

  • Best Rhythm

    Avi Bortnick!

  • JOHN


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