SMG Poll: Who is the Best British Guitarist?

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  • Howard

    Richard Thompson, by a country mile

  • Bert Plume

    Guthrie Govan or Ritchie Blackmore are my picks even though they are very different from one another.

  • james

    I had to go with Mark Knopfler. He is able to hold his own in any guitar situation.

  • Peter

    George Harrison

  • Art Tryon

    trying to figure out how Andy Summers made this list while guys like Ritchie Blackmore and George Harrison didn’t? Maybe I bumped my head and missed something

    • Just tried to keep the list short and focused mainly on guys who played rhythm guitar primarily. Could have added 100 more, but Andy Summers was one that could have gone either way. We’ll have to have a part II and add more names to the list!

  • Randy Causey

    Noteable omission:
    John McLaughlin (born 4 January 1942, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England

    Gary Moore (4 April 1952 – 6 February 2011)
    Belfast, Ireland
    Now using the same criteria:Rory Gallagher 2 March 1948 – 14 June 1995 Born in Ballyshannon, County Donegal, Ireland

    and Yes, the Harrison omission is criminal!

    Therefore; Why not John Williams! He is a long-term resident of the United Kingdom!

  • Car Tripodi

    Ritchie Blackmore

    I cannot believe he was left off the list. He has influenced many of today’s hard rock and metal guitarists, including myself.

  • Mr Bourbon

    Peter Green!!!!!

  • Celteire

    Rory Gallagher is’nt British….

    • Hi Celteire, that is absolutely correct and sorry for the mistake. Rory Gallagher was from ballyshannon in northern ireland… but we still hope to shed some light on his phenomenal abilities. When we have the Best Irish Guitarist Poll, we will add Slash to make up for it, he was born in London 😉

  • Glen Tipton

  • Jane

    This post seems to be a great on because on its info telling us ho is the best british guitarist.I had also to go with Mark Knopfler. He is able to hold his own in any guitar situation.Awesome!

  • Paul

    Where was Hendrix from?

  • mmcquain

    I voted for Knopfler because he can hold his own along side Clapton, etc.


    Steve Howe from Yes is very good. Also, Paul Weller’s guitarist Steve Cradock is a fantastic player

  • gustavoarran

    Bert Jansch is the greatest guitarist ever

  • Ert33

    Ritchie Blackmore???????????????

  • MfH

    Ritchie Blackmore buy a English mile!

    Brian May???? joke

  • Jim75th

    Man, you are missing one of the best of the best guitarists ever, English or British…Tony Hicks of The Hollies….the dude can play anything. Plus where is George Harrison, or Steve Howe, Ritchie Blackmore,or John McLaughlin???

  • Pete

    Richard Thompson without a doubt.

  • Glenn Tipton

  • Pat Kirk

    What about Albert Lee, he`s never mentioned. Truly the best!

  • Vince

    Peter Green!

  • Michael

    Where is Toni Iommi????

  • Jurgen Kraise

    Ritchie Blackmore!

    He IS the BEST!

  • Andrew Cheatle

    Ritchie Blackmore
    Has played at the top level since the early 1960s and really is the source of much modern day playing, including speed picking, rapid scales and runs plus the foundations for neo-classical. Amazing technique over a range of stringed instruments. Strat maestro

  • Mike Swanson

    Hank Marvin and Peter Green. Every British Guitarist copied Hank and his signature style. And Peter was ahead of his time.

  • Probably the most tasteful and original guitarists is Phil Manzanera. No grandstanding or showing off, he never plays a note that doesn’t mean something.

    Richard Thompson has the same qualities.

  • jim cripe

    RitchieBlackmore’that is IT.

  • Kirk Mantis

    Peter Green

  • jamminfool

    Alvin Lee made them all look like they were playing in slow motion, while still having the musical sensibility of the greatest bluesmen ever…dude could wring the sweetest, most emotionally charged runs out of his wicked 335, then tear the fretboard up with lightnin’ quick licks that’d make your head spin!

  • (((No_one_you_care_about)))

    Stumbled upon this for an odd reason, but I’d have to add: John McLaughlin

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