SMG Poll: Who is the Best Acoustic Guitarist?

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  • Robb Hindle

    I’m torn between Steve Howe of Yes and Nancy Wilson of Heart. Both are excellent guitarists, especially in the acoustic realm.

  • John

    Steve Howe gets my vote.

  • Brent DeJong

    I have seen both Tommy Emmanual and Phil Keaggy. They have different styles but both of them are awesome

  • chris

    Lets not forget Monte Montgomery. Tommy E gets my vote.

  • Robert Northrup

    I have to go with Chet Atkins here. It’s just hard to overlook the guy that other guitarists nicknamed ‘Mr. Guitar’

  • LOod

    Tommy Emmanual is good player but definitely not best, Micheal Hedges is far superior.

  • Manasvr

    Where is Mark Knopfler????????? The list doesn’t make any sense without him……..

  • jasmcpherson

    Alex Lifeson.

  • How is Pat Metheny not on this list?

  • Jim75th

    Who makes up these lists??? Where is Steve Howe, or Mark Knopfler? I mean he went head to head with Chet Atkins on one of Chet’s Albums? And Nancy Wilson really needs to be on here…

  • edward dennis

    Monte Montgomery

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