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  • Jfsteelejr

    I had to go with the Holy Grail,…..’59 Les Paul. 

    • @Jfsteelejr – It’s pretty tough to pass over that one man!

  • Bob Pickard

    I’ve never seen anything that beats the ES model Gibsons, that one has a solid block so you can get the LP tones plus a bunch of tones that the LPs just don’t have in them.  I’d put my ’67 up against just about anything in that pic and if I could get my mitts on another ’60, like I had as a kid, I would probably sell both my LPs.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have a…

    Thanks to Sammy Hagar…

  • Rottenruppert

    Id say a vintage Ventures model Mosrite from the mid 60’s.

  • Tracii

    51 nocaster is the other one besides the 59

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