SMG Poll: Which is Your Favorite Fender Electric Guitar?

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  • Telecaster! Thor’s hammer of all electrics.

  • James

    I prefer Gibson Guitars.

  • tom bradley

    telecaster 72 custom humbucker at the neck and ashtray at the bridge.

  • No love for the Toronado???

  • wm matt thompson

    American Stratocaster. If I ever get a real one.

  • Without doubt my favourite is the Burns Apache followed by the Burns Double six, the only 12 string electric with a tremolo that works and stays in tune

  • Norbert

    My favourite is the Fender Bass V made between 1965-1970. First 5string ever! A Bit weird, but I love it

  • James Szklarski

    My first electric was a blue ’64-’65 mustang. you never really forget the first one!

  • Thesexmaster420kushnathanwilliamsisgod

    Mustang all the way. Sexy little beasts.

  • Kinetic Roberts

    my 2000 MiM Fender Strat is my favorite all red body with over wound pickups from Guitar Fetish sporting polyweb elxir strings and a decked tremolo/bridge and a beautiful aftermarket pickguard from low action vintage neck oh yeah this strat is sweet

    • Looks like you are giving her a new setup in the pic. Do you prefer the maple fretboard to the rosewood?

      • Kinetic Roberts

        Actually yeah, that photo was taken after we had copper taped the entire cavity and decked the tremolo/bridge and installed the new pickguard as for the neck I love it! Ive never played a strat with a rosewood or ebony fretboard but I dig this neck fits my short thumbed hands whatever wood it is made out of. It sounds killer thru the 120watt ss crate we got shes so new to the stable I havent even named her yet lol

  • jamminfool

    I started my journey on a Strat copy, so I’ve always had a spot in my heart for a nice Stratocaster…but, given the choice, I would love to get my hands on one of the newly reissued Starcaster semi hollow beauties, one of Fender’s most beautiful designs IMHO!

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