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  • I selected other. I prefer to use Craigslist. Sometimes you can find guitars that are used but look brand new and you can get great prices!

    • Yeah I like Craigslist too, but sometimes it’s not easy to find that specific new model you’re looking for and you might not want a used model… even if it’s like new. At the same time, you can score great deals on CL, no doubt about it!

  • I prefer Sweetwater in Ft. Wayne Indiana. They offer their guitar gallery to view online before deciding

  • I know Guitar Center gets a bad rap from a lot of people, But I go there, I tried Sam Ash and bought an acoustic that needed a fret job, But I never got a bad deal from Guitar Center. The store in Phoenix AZ. is all right by me. I usually have to get a proper setup, but GC keeps the cost down enough to factor the extra $50 bucks that will cost into the price. I like Mom and Pop, but I haven’t found a good enough one in my area to buy a guitar there.

  • Doc

    I prefer to shop at small, corporate, regional guitar shops & music stores. These franchises are often more willing than Web retailers & national retailers to buy & trade used guitars for new guitars, & will meet or beat the prices of national retainers.

  • eBay for me. I play left handed so it’s really the only money efficient way of trying out guitars 🙂

    • Hi Neal, it’s gotta be tough to be a lefty and shop for something specific when you see 2 or 3 of each model for ‘righties’ and nothing for left handed players. eBay seems like a good way to go accept that you might not be able to try it out first… but then again, you can always string upside down if you’re desperate ala Jimi and McCartney 😉

  • I selected other. Having a renown luthier build a custom guitar according to my wishes and being involved all the way long.

  • Other, here in spain is better to import.. (too expensive).. i work with Thomann in Germany.

  • K. Hetrick

    Elderly Instruments, [ ] in Lansing, MI, is a fantastic store! They have a fine Internet site, but their brick & mortar store on N. Washington St. is so amazing that my spouse calls it “The Shrine” because of the look of worship on my face whenever I speak of it!

  • Jim75th

    I pretty much get all of my instruments from American Musical Supply mainly because of the great payment system they got there. Even if you have shitty credit, as long as you have a valid credit card, you can pay out ANYTHING in 3 easy payments, I know i’m sounding like a commercial, but I have bought 6 different guitars and amps thru them, and they have top grade equipment and all top names with very competitive prices, and they will match any other store prices and sales.

  • I shop at the Gibson Dealer in Brisbane, who also is the Epiphone dealer. They also carry many other products. In fact I only go elsewhere if they don’t have what I want and can’t get it in. They sponsor me to an extent, with deals far more generous than the man on the street could get. And their man on the street prices are pretty good too!

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