SMG Poll: What’s the Most Influential Rock Guitar Album of all Time?

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  • steve messenger

    Cream’s “Wheels of Fire”!!!

    Side 1: “Sittin’ On Top of the World”,
    Side 2: “Politician”
    Side 3: “Crossroads” AND “Spoonful” from 3/10/68 Winterland show

    it never gets better than this!

  • Ian walsh

    John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers album featuring Eric Clapton, surely!?

  • “Are You Experienced” was the turning point in creativity with the guitar and recording process. Other records of the period offered incredible playing, such as Clapton/Mayall, Zeplin, or mood,Pink floyd, but only Hendix opened the door to new approaches to the sonic alchemy that the Strat/amp/console, had to offer.

  • Jeremy C

    Robert Johnson
    King of the Delta Blues Singers vol I and II

    Not a rock guitar album, but look at the list of songs written and recorded by Robert Johnson and then think of all the rock guitarists who recorded them and you’ll know why I put it on this list.

  • Heidi Bresilge

    Beatles~ Revolver

  • t

    The Who Live at Leeds

  • zed

    Agree with this one-
    “John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers album featuring Eric Clapton, surely!?”

    How is Sgt pepper an influential “Guitar” album?

    I understand a lot of people like it, but I’ve never seen it in that light.

    Perhaps someone who voted for it can explain that to enlighten me.

    And I mean that honestly–not sarcastically.

  • Looks like a lot of Beatles fans have shown the love for this post 😉

  • Ed Dennison ( Wabash)

    The Kinks

  • Owlgarden

    Blonde in Blonde made it possible for every artist to move beyond “teenage love ballads” to sophisticated poetry and personal honesty.

  • Luis

    I wanted to play guitar only after I heard bands from the 80’s. Theres something about the 80’s.

  • Floridawork

    MSG – One Night at Budokan – awesome tone and very very melodic.

  • 1979 – Pink Floyd – The Wall # 1
    The most spectacular album at the time. Van Halen – Van Halen II ( something different at the time # 2 ) Molly Hatchet – ” Flirtin with Disaster ” Best Southern Rock effort Period.

  • Greg Boiarsky

    Never Mind the Bollocks, by the Sex Pistols.

    The choices in the list are a bit mainstream; most influence comes from importing non-mainstream music.

  • zontar

    They may be considered mainstream now–but most of the albums on that list were not mainstream when they came out.

    If they’re mainstream now it’s because they became mainstream after they were influential.

  • Aaron Rummage

    “Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere” by Neil Young. so many great tunes, emotional playing and textures.

  • Gloria Brown (Precisionb)

    Zappa is so underated. As is Gary Moore and Blind Faith. Shall I go on????

  • Lickthatriff

    It’s all relative for every person. Whatever was influential to you at the time. I live for all these albums but as I’m from a younger generation I’d go for The Darkness – Permission To Land, or, Muse – Origin of Symmetry. At the time, nothing made me want to pick up the guitar more

    • Hey Ben, thats a great point. Glad to hear that you found music you dig that inspired you to play!

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