SMG Poll: What was the Greatest Breakthrough in Electric Guitar?

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  • Steve Barlow

    This was a very difficult decision. The Stratocaster and the Les Paul both were workhorses for some of the biggest names in guitar. I picked the Strat because I couldn’t make two choices, and because it is/was the primary guitar of some of my most favorite guitarists – SRV, Hendrix, Buddy Guy, Clapton(later years).

    • Todd C. Eaton

      Agreed; Stratocaster because of the Synchronized “Tremolo” (actually Vibrato) Bridge which compensates the Guitar problem of sharping from fretting, but LesPaul because of the “Humbucking” Pickup… combine these and you have the “Greatest”.

  • Paul

    The Floyd Rose bridge was one of the better innovations that made the guitar more versatile.

  • Don

    The electric guitar pickup! Without that none of the guitars listed in the poll would have been possible!

  • Pete Z

    The Telecaster…first mass production …affordable guitar. Just about any genre….my two cents worth.

  • The D-Tuna by Eddie Van Halen

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