SMG Poll: What is Your Favorite Guitar Themed Film?

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  • Sweet and Lowdown!

  • LEo

    +1 to Sweet and Lowdown!

  • +2 to Sweet and Lowdown!!!

  • Crossroads with Ralph Macchio and Steve Vai

    • Hard to beat Crossroads, just don’t accidentally rent the one with Britney Spears! 😉

  • Gary Skopick

    Gary picks Woodstock, and I pick Desperado!

  • randy mccumber

    “The Guitar”

  • Yeah…I went with Crossroads as well…although I was going to say “The Song Remains The Same” since that was THE film that got me excited about the guitar. I saw it 27 times when it originally came out back in the 70’s and I learned a ton of stuff by just watching Jimmy Page over an over again…:) Thanks for the poll Mickey!


  • james

    I was going to pick “Spinal Tap” but the Comic Strip did a thing called “Bad News on tour” that was hilarious. I think that was out before Spinal Tap.

  • Bill

    The Song Remains The Same!!!! I love watching Jimmy Page on stage!

  • Absolutely no contest, Tommy Emmanuel – Guitar Boogie & Stevie’s Blues

  • Troy

    Sound remains the same.

  • Troy

    Correction…”The Song Remains The Same”.

  • drsoda

    what.. no “six string samurai”? 😉

  • Woodstock!

  • Julian Bream – ‘My Life in Music’. His musicianship and dedication changed my life!

  • Not necessarily guitar-related, but rock n’ roll films that I also dig:

    Anvil: The Story of Anvil
    Josie and the Pussycats

    That recent Rush documentary was cool too.

    Also, check out this indie film, called “Once”:

    Great stuff!

  • Can’t believe I forgot… Honeysuckle Rose with Willie Nelson!

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