SMG Poll: What is Your Favorite Guitar of the 80s?

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  • James

    I love the old BC Rich guitars from the eighties. Handmade!

  • Benj

    I still play a Veillette-Citron…ok maybe it’s from ’79 but I got it in the 80’s and put a Kahler tremelo on it. (so that makes it 80’s)
    Fast forward to 2009 – I took off the Kahler -blocked the rout and put a non trem Kahler on it.

  • 1988 Fender Stratocaster Plus, finally a Stratocaster that stayed in tune while using the tremolo. The combination of a two point knife edge fulcrum, a Wilkinson roller nut and Sperzel Staggered Locking Tuners. String changing became the easiest ever. The introduction of Lace Pickups (Gold) making the guitar silent (no single coil 50 cycle hum) and retaining a true vintage single coil sound. Brilliant, still my number one professional guitar to this day.

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