SMG Poll: What is Your Favorite Electric Guitar from the 1960s?

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  • Scott

    I had to vote for the Strat. I have a ’61 and it has the most amazing neck I’ve ever played. I have a ’61 ES355, which is my favorite guitar tone-wise, but nothing beats that Strat’s neck!

  • Gibson ES-175

  • the only guitars I had in the 1960’s was a very old Fender Esquire(Single pickup Tele)built in the 50’s,
    and a Sears Silvertone(Danelectro)with Amp in the case.
    Did really like either one.

  • james

    I had to go with the Fender Strat. my second is the Gibson Les Paul. Most every guitar made is built upon the concept of those two models. They are timeless, and a perfect creation in their own ways. They set the bar.

  • Olivia Anne

    Gretsch Country Gentleman, in George Harrison’s hands.

  • JOHN


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