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  • Flo

    Modtone Extreme Metal.

    Very simple/tweakable/affordable pedal. From every stomps i had in hands, this is really my pick of the bunch!
    Handles a huge amount of different sounds.

  • Personally, I’d take a Fuzz Face over any of these, even for overdrive tones by turning down your guitar volume.

  • T Miranda GTP-1 All Tube Pre Amp.Just Brutal!

  • kevin smith

    Empress Effects Multidrive.

  • digisax

    boss od-20 22 different distortions effects in one awesome pedal

  • Omar

    NONE my 6505+ ‘s distortion works better than any pedal I ever used plus sounds better in a real live situation, less tinny messiness

  • Car Tripodi

    The Boss MT-2, Metal Zone. Very versatile.

  • TOM

    SATCHURATOR. Great work by VOX

  • Tim Pratt

    I like the original Pro Co Rat II from the 80’s. But, I am partial to the YJM 308. I run it in front of my Carvin and use it to boost my leads. Puts just enough “hair” on the notes.

  • Tom Trifoso

    I find the Jeckel @ Hyde by Sound & Vision to be very versitile and meets all my needs. I have to vote for this one!

  • Finn Engen

    I just LOVE my Radial Trimode tube driven distortion. And I also LOVE my XOTIC BB Plus.

  • Logieberra

    my fave distortion sound by far is both my wampler plexidrive on and my hardwire valve distortion on at the same time, through a cranked marshall JCM2000 it just destroys

  • Thomas Andersen

    EMMA ReezaFRATzitz 2 ftw! 😉

  • J-F Robi

    Suhr Riot is quite outstanding and I love the Blackstar HT-Dual.

  • Claus

    I got the T-Rex Mudhoney for about 2 month ago, and i must say, it has the distortion sound that i had been looking for, for a long time.

    I also got the T-Rex MØLLER pedal and it got a more crunchy sound :o)

    I’m not religious…. The T-Rex pedals (got 5 of them) ROCKS ON :o)

  • Nico

    The Carl Martin DC Drive. Check it out, if you don’t believe me.

  • George
  • Mark Tullo

    I just recently got my hands on a Suhr Riot and love it…though I also like my Keeley Modded DS-1.

  • Alan Bristow

    Ibanez Tubescreamer……but prefer Boss Overdrive pedal for the sounds I need

  • Jimmy Lee Reeves

    I have a few of them. I don’t know which one would e the best. I just got a Fulltone Full Drive and that is probably going to get a lot of use. I use 2 on my pedal board all of the time Keeley modded Tube Screamer and a Keeley modded DS-1. I also have a a TS-9. I use amp distortion too. Just depends on What I’m going for at the moment.

  • Joe Stopka

    Jet City Shockwave & Afterburner

  • The Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer should be required mandatory ownership…..however I have found that the Digi Tech Metal Master can re-produce the sounds of all the above pedals by fine tuning the Morph knob….( probably the most important knob on the planet )

  • Just give me a really good second channel on my amp, like you find on the Egnater Renegade.

  • Pro Co RAT modified by Keeley…without a doubt…if you have not used it then don’t vote…I am serious as I have used them all…..ask Jeff Beck

  • Jim Evans

    Tube Screamer just barely breaking up with Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive with drive 1/2 way up at the same time.

  • Adam Dennis

    I don’t know about any of these but I swear by my Digitech Grunge pedal… even if it does give you electric shocks from time time, though that just adds character right?

  • For me about anything Robert Keeley made.
    I own a Boss DS-1 Keeley Mod + a Keeley Luna overdrive; both equally superb when it comes to drive/distortion

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