SMG Poll: Who is the Most Important Guitarist Of All Time?


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  • Jerry Holloway

    How do you have the nerve to make a poll like this and not include Jimi Hendrix as a choice?! I mean, Slash…really?

  • Olivia Anne

    No Hendrix? And, no George Harrison. How many of today’s guitarists picked up that instrument because they saw him on Ed Sullivan playing that magical guitar with those who made up the most influential Band of all time–The Beatles!

  • Adam Son

    Wow, No Hendrix? I think all in the list above would agree that Hendrix is the most important guitarist of all time. 😉

  • That’s such a broad question. It depends on what genre we’re talking about.

    If it’s rock, it’s Hendrix
    If it’s classic rock, it’s Clapton
    If it’s progressive rock, it’s Steve Vai
    If it’s hard rock, it’s slash
    If it’s pop rock, it’s Harrison
    If it’s classical, it’s Andres Segovia
    If it’s flamenco, it’s Sabicas
    If it’s jazz, it’s Django Reinhardt
    If it’s blues, it’s Stevie Ray Vaughan
    If it’s delta blues, it’s Robert Johnson
    If it’s country, it’s Chet Atkins

    (Of course this is just my opinion)

  • Yeah, I think Robert pretty well nailed it.

    For me though, it was George Harrison.

  • Jason McGuffin

    Phil Keaggy! Hello!

  • Jason McGuffin

    Phil Keaggy! Duh!

  • I think John Petrucci probably takes progressive rock category even tho vai is awesome as well-Keaggy I think probably holds his own as a great player in acoustic instrumentaln but is a great electric player as well

  • Olivia Anne

    George Harrison. Ed Sullivan, 2/1964. Nothing else compares!

  • Mike

    It can only be Les Paul, without his input you would still be playing Rickenbacker lap top steels. You dont even have him on the list? Come ON !

  • Rie

    OMG! No Hendrix?! :O

  • Steven White

    Hendix,Page,and Eddie Vanhalen to me.

  • Jim75th

    In a poll like this, how in hell can you NOT include Jimi Hendrix in this. If it were not for Hendrix, then 90% of this list would probably not even be on this list. Anny guitarist worth his salt has even said the same thing, that when they heard or saw Hendrix, it was what made them want to be a guitarist. But the no.1 is definitely Les Paul, because if it wasn’t for Les Paul or Leo Fender, not ONE of these guitarist would even be here, right?

    • Hey Jim, so you don’t think it was Johnny Ramone 😀 You make great points! Thanks for the comment!

  • Doad

    Andres Segovia, because he popularized playing guitar wayyy back when he came from Spain to play Madison Square Garden and other huge venues.

    • David R. Strong

      Absolutely! Before him, the guitar was not considered a serious instrument. It was a curiosity, more like a toy than an instrument for real musicians.

  • Hendrix, of course !!!

  • Carlos

    How the hell is Jimi Hendrix not on here?!!!!? It’s a no brainer

  • Thomas

    No Hendrix? Someone is either on drugs or needs to be. My God!!!!

  • Charles

    Peter Green and the guitar he sold to Gary Moore (the ’59 Les Paul with the accidentally reversed pickup that gave it a tone that sounded like a cross between a Strat and a Les Paul. He was better than Clapton for the blues back in the day.

  • David R. Strong

    In rock, you’d need to include Scotty Moore and then George Harrison. Rock and roll guitar playing might not have happened without them. And mention should be made of Floyd Tillman, legendary leader of his Texas swing band, who was the first man to feature an electric guitar as the lead instrument in a combo.

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