SMG Guitar Lesson #8: How to Harmonize a Scale

If you’ve been following my lessons here for the past couple of weeks (and doing your homework) than you’re familiar with the musical compass and that it can be used to figure out the notes in any major scale, as well as other useful stuff.  I’ve even provided you with a kit to make one at home. So be sure and do this if you haven’t already!

Go HERE to assemble your own musical compass.


But how then, do you go from knowing what notes are in a scale, to figuring out what notes form each chord is in that scale? In order to do that, you’ve got to know how to “harmonize” a scale, and luckily there’s a simple trick to it!

Harmony basically works as follows – when two notes are too close together, the sound waves tend to clash violently and sound awful! This happens because notes are like people; the closer they are in common, the more they have to argue about! That’s why opposites attract.

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