SMG Guitar Lesson #19: Easy Beginner Exercises! part 1/3

We’ve spent the past few weeks studying the various modes of the major scale, so before we get into really fun stuff like minor scales and blues, I wanted to do a quick series of beginner lessons. This will be good for you beginners out there who are looking for an easy step to help get you started, as well provide a handful of exercises for those of you advanced players who teach guitar and/or have been known to spread the gift of guitar from time to time.


This particular lesson deals with the two basic ways we press our fingers on the fretboard on the guitar:
  • Perpendicular- pressing straight down on one string only, being careful not to touch other strings.
  • Parallel – pressing down flat on more than one string at a time.
Here’s the first exercise as demonstrated in the video:
In this second exercise, we’ll combine both of these concepts using more than just the one finger:


Be sure to practice both of these exercises daily until you can play them smoothly. Remember; there’s no silver bullet, no quick fix, and absolutely no substitute for practicing your guitar daily. Also make sure you’re signed up for my free guitar newsletter and check out the e-books and webcam lessons I offer through my website; 
I’ll see you in the next lesson!

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