SMG: A Look Back

1. History of the Electric Guitar

Posted by Mickey


While you probably have never heard the name ‘George Beauchamp’ before, if you play electric guitar, well then you owe him a debt of gratitude. Because it was Beauchamp, working with Adolph Rickenbacker (yes that Rickenbacker), who created the first commercially viable method of stringed-instrument amplification. Read the full article here.

2. Who is Luther Allison?

Posted by Frank


When I was a kid living in South Texas, around 14 years old, I cut grass for money to save up for a car. One day, my lawnmower ran out of gas and I heard the most amazing thing on the radio. Some guy was playing the electric guitar so well that the guitar seemed to be talking. The guitar licks struck something in my soul and I knew right then that I wanted to listen to and play that kind of music for the rest of my life. The music, my friends, was the blues… and the guitarist that influenced me that day was Luther Allison. Read full article here.

3. Five More Female Guitarists Who Just ROCK!

Posted by Abby


This week’s article is a continuation of last weeks list of Five Female Guitarists Who Just ROCK! I decided to list another five great female guitarist.  There are so many others besides the ten guitarist I have listed, but I felt that these ladies need to be recognized for sure. Read full article here.

4. Jeff Lynne and Electric Light Orchestra

Posted by Rory

GRAMMY Foundation Benefit

Over the years I’ve listened to countless hours of rock and roll radio.  When I would hear something I liked I would purchase the album, on vinyl, later on cassette tapes, and then on CDs.   One of the first songs that caught my attention was, Fire On High by ELO.  It’s an odd tune for a few reasons.  First it’s an instrumental, (if you don’t count the strange back-masked voices), and last because it just sounds really frantic, but at the same time very cool.  It’s one of my all time favorite instrumentals. Read full article here.

5. Podcast 2: Interview with Tallan Noble Latz

Posted by Mickey


Tallan Noble Latz is a veteran blues guitar prodigy who is currently only 9 years old! He has played with a host of guitar legends such as; Les Paul, Jackson Brown, Buddy Guy, Walter Trout, Joe Bonamassa and many more. You may have recently seen his performance receive a standing ovation on the television series “America’s Got Talent.” In this podcast interview, Frank talks with Tallan and his father Carl about the highlights of his young and exciting career. Learn about Tallan’s heroes, the gear he uses, and the people he has jammed with. Plus, for the first time ever Tallan performs a live jam over the phone with Nathan Butler. You don’t want to miss it!’ Listen to podcast here.

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