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Have you ever asked several thousand guitarists to befriend you? I have. It was a very moving experience. The SMG Myspace page was developed to get guitarists interested in a site that was technically not in existence yet. Due to computer website design issues, SMG fell a couple of months behind schedule going online.


SMG writer/podcast host Frank Butler

The response I received was overwhelmingly positive.  I have developed relationships with countless guitarists and bassists. Artists have joined us that don’t play any instruments. I have conversed with some of the most interesting guitarists on the planet. Some are mega famous. Some are unknown to the masses. They all have unique stories to tell that are absolutely mesmerizing.

I invited Leon Russell to join us.  Not because he is a great guitarist (he plays the piano). I did it because I saw his picture on someone’s site and it reminded me of a concert of his that I went to when I was 19 years old. It was one of the best shows I have ever seen, even to this day.

I invited Lee Welker, a guitarist that had passed away 5 years before, whose mom still keeps his site up in his memory. I was unaware of his passing.  Gaile, you are a phenomenal person and I only wish peace and everlasting joy when you think of Lee.

I invited a 16 year old girl who is working on being a blues artist. I had to get on her about her language she used on a comment she posted on our site. Instead of disappearing into obscurity, she e-mailed me the next day asking advice about moving her music forward. Tori, you have great potential and I meant what I said….

Bob Wootton accepted my friend request and relayed to me that it was an honor to be my friend. Wow! For those of you who don’t know who Bob is, you have seen him, and you definitely have heard him play. He is the guy who stood next to Johnny Cash for decades playing the guitar. If you ever heard a Johnny Cash song-you have listened to Bob play- with a precision that is unparalleled.

The biggest joy I received from a friend request was from Mark Goffeney. Mark is a guitarist and bassist that can do what Eddie Van Halen and Stevie Ray Vaughn could not do on their best day. Mark plays with his toes. When I met him a couple of years ago, I was uncomfortable engaging him in conversation. He has no arms and I was unsure how to greet him since we could not shake hands. It was a slice of time I will regret forever. He was sitting on a chair, in the hot sun, sweat pouring from his brow that he could not wipe away, singing and playing the guitar so well that for a moment my peripheral vision disappeared as I was witnessing what I thought impossible.  We met on another occasion where Mark referred my son and I to what ultimately was a great festival gig. Thank you, Mark. Your friendship has touched me profoundly. I posted a song by Mark’s band, Big Toe, on the SMG myspace site which sums this whole story up. It is called “We are the same”.

To my brothers and sisters of Share My Guitar, we may play different genres of music, our skin color may be different, and we may prefer different kinds of guitars, but WE ARE THE SAME!

Welcome to Share My Guitar!

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