Rick’s Pick #2: 1955 Les Paul Goldtop


On the last page of each issue of Guitar Aficionado Magazine Rick Nielson of Cheap Trick “tells the tales of his greatest treasures.” This issue (the one with Jimmy Page on the cover) he has selected a 1955 Les Paul Goldtop. Rick bought it for $65 in the 1960s. Wish I could have gotten in on a similar deal, you’ll definitely pay quite a bit more than $65 for one today!

Provide.net has excellent technical information on the ’55 LP Goldtop. They explain how by 1955, Gibson started to use the tunematic bridge and stop tailpiece on the Goldtop model and by doing so, solved the earlier intonation problems. Once again setting the Les Paul apart from previous models and becoming an instant hit with players. Not to mention that the 1955 Gibson LP Goldtop had (thru combining the P-90 pickups, tunematic and stop tailpiece) become a very popular setup for guitarist.

Sometimes a picture is better than words, check out Guitar Aficionado Magazine to see Rick’s exact guitar. It’s pretty sweet!

Photo by vintageguitaarz (1953)
Photo by vintageguitarz (1952)
Photo by guitar-tech (L to R: 1958 Special, 1969 Deluxe, 2003 R7/1957 reissue, 2003 R4/1954 reissue)
  • Mickey

    I’m digging this segment in Guitar Aficionado Magazine, if you can’t tell 🙂

  • Fern

    Why would someone want a guitar with four necks?

    • Mickey

      Fern – I think the better question is, why would a person NOT want a guitar with four necks? LOL
      But in theory you can have the top neck (12-STRING) the next as a 6-string and than have different tunings on the others. It’s actually overkill, but kinda funny…

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