REVIEW: ZVEX Effects Mastotron Pedal

Zachary Vex is the founder of ZVEX Effects, a boutique effects pedal company. ZVEX pedals are unique both in look, with truly off the wall hand painted artistry, and function, with multitudes of controls taking guitar signals to places never before imagined. The Mastotron is a new pedal in the company’s Vextron series based on a heavy silicon fuzz design.


Understated in appearance (especially for ZVEX), the dark blue pedal is slightly smaller than what one would consider standard. Also different is the layout which stretches wide, rather than tall. Controls include volume, tone, pulse width, fuzz, relax/push, and subs. A small red LED on the upper-right indicates ON and OFF. The all metal construction is solid and the electronics and 9V battery are sealed tight by four screws underneath.


When I think fuzz, I think retro so I opted for my trusty Ibanez Jet King 1 (ok, so it’s from this decade but it’s retro in style) to take me through the journey of scratch and static. I was hanging out with my good friend Johnny DeMarco who was eager to test drive the pedal so I turned over performance responsibilities to him while I dialed in the settings. We plugged straight through the pedal into a Blackheart Little Giant Half Stack.

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