Review: The Spider Capo By Creative Tunings

The Spider Capo allows for custom tunings like no other!

Creative Tunings

In the summer of 2004, two musician friends in Woodstock, NY had a “what if…” conversation. Jazz guitarist Peter Einhorn and classical guitarist Frederic Hand wondered… what if it were possible to capo each string of the guitar individually? What if you could play in hundreds of different open string tunings? Imagine the extraordinary creative possibilities. Both had utilized alternative tunings such as dropped D and DADGAD. They knew that the potential for other tunings was mind boggling.

Out Of The Box

I wasn’t sure what to think when I first opened the Spider Capo. It looked nothing like a traditional capo, however once I realized what it was intended to do, a light bulb lit up. The Spider Capo has six individual levers to either select a new note or leave the existing open note to ring. The tuning possibilities are vast to say the least. It takes a bit to properly align the lever over the strings as you have to position it near the bottom of the fret to get it to work. Once you hit the sweet spot its go time!

What Does The Spider Capo Do?

The Creative Tuning Spider Capo allows you to capo each string individually, making hundreds of open string tunings possible without needing to detune your instrument. With the Spider Capo, you can play all the bar chords and riffs you already know, plus unlimited new chords which where previously not possible with standard tunings. You can also change guitar tunings while playing, finger above and below the capo, play melodies with open string accompaniment. You can easily use the Creative Tuning Spider Capo in all music settings whether live, recording or just jamming. The Spider Capo allows you to experience new tunings, keys, harmonies, and textures.

Final Thoughts

After spending about a week toying around with the Spider Capo I found it to be a great tool for just about any style of play as well as a great writing tool. The Spider Capo easily allows you to detune mid song, as well as switch on and off grace note during play. It’s a great innovative idea created by creative tunings. Bravo! Everyone should check one of these out, you will not be disappointed. I have already purchased another one so I am experimenting with two Spider Capos simultaneously!  This is a great product and I would recommend it to anyone looking to expand there musical ideas.

Pros: Easy to use, on the fly changing, compact, allows both post and pre-note access, works well with both acoustic and electric guitars.

Cons: A little bit pricey.

MSRP – $29.95

Till next week, thanks for reading and keep on shredding!

Nick Arrietta is a staff writer at SMG. Nick is a professional Music teacher from California and has been playing the Guitar for 24 years. Along with teaching music he is a touring guitarist, studio musician and songwriter. Email:

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