Review: Boss PS-6 Harmonist Pitch Shift Harmonizer Effects Pedal

The Boss PS-6 Harmonist gives you four effect modes in one stompbox!

For many years Boss has been the leader in guitar effects pedals and for good reason. They’ve made a little box for just about every type of tone, sound and effect that can be thought up and then some. When you need an affordable effect, the first choice is usually gonna be Boss. But there are some things that from time to time you may have to look elsewhere for, so I thought!

Off the Rack

For about 2 years now I’ve been using a Digitech Whammy pedal for some crucial harmonizing and pitch shifting parts. Lately however they have been conking out on me left and right (these are the newer ones, the old XP 100’s still rock) and after going through 3 of them I decided to go another route. I heard another guy using a Boss PS-5 Super Shifter. I was gonna order one from Roland and they talked me into the newest version the PS-6 Harmonist. I’m Glad they did!

The Boss PS-6 Harmonist is a full on Harmonizer and Pitch Shifter with 4 modes of operation.

The Specs

Harmony – In this mode you have 11 harmony possibilities to choose from ranging from a 3rd, 6th, & octaves up or down, to 4 different 3 voice options which include a lowered 4th & 6th and a 3 octave split, as well as a raised 3rd and 5th and a raised 3rd with a lowered 4th. The Mode switch determines major or minor harmonies.

Pitch Shifter – This function gives you the ability to shift the pitch up or down by up to two octaves!

Detune – This mode allows you to add a sound that has been slightly pitch shifted from the original input sound. So you can raise or lower the output pitch from 5 cents to 20 cents and then also layer 5 up and 5 down, 10 up and 10 down, 15 up and 15 down, all giving you layers of pitch.

S Bend – This is a whammy bar/pedal type effect in which you can press the pedal and it will bend the pitch up or down from 1 to 4 octaves as well as 2 chromatic and 3 special effect settings. With the Key knob you can also speed up or slow down the “fall time” of the bend.

In addition to these awesome effects, the PS-6 can also be run in stereo for an amazing sound experience and also has a plug in for a separate expression pedal which can be used for many pitch control options on the fly.

The Low Down

Not too many harmonizers really sound all that “natural” and  this goes for pitch shifting as well, but the Boss PS-6 really sounds much more convincing than other options that I’ve been using and it stacks up to the more expensive rack units that can do the same thing. So for all the capabilities that this little sucker allows, and so nicely packed together with an affordable price…. the pedal is a steal! It gets a perfect 10 in my book and I would recommend it to anyone.

Pros: Four effect modes in one pedal, High-quality pitch shifting, Three-voice Detune capability, Super Bend allows you to achieve four octaves of extreme pitch bending.

Cons: N/A

MSRP: $149.00

Scott “SVH” Von Heldt is a staff writer for SMG. Scott is currently the lead guitarist for Brian “Head” Welch (ex-Korn) and has worked with members of White Zombie, Cirque Du Soliel and many others. In late 2008 he released the first book of his Mystic Art of Self-Discovery series entitled Mind Over Metal: The Musician’s Guide to Mental Mastery.


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