REVIEW: AER acoustiCube 3

Audio Electric Research (AER) is a German company that has strived for excellence in acoustic amplification since 1992. This ambition led to their 4th MIPA award for ‘Best Acoustic Amp’ in 2006. Never satisfied to rest on their laurels, AER continues their pursuits with the acoustiCube 3.


That’s right. A padded gig bag is included which is a great bonus. It fits the amp snugly and has straps as well as an opening to easily access the carrying handle on the amp itself. Pockets all around allow for convenient storage of accessories. When I first picked it up, I almost threw my back out. I wasn’t prepared for the weight this “cute little amp” contains. Its wide array of controls on the face plate as well as the multitude of options on the back reveals why.

To call this amp “feature-rich” is an understatement: Two input channels (each with 3-band EQ and switches for mute, pad, mode, and color), 100 internal 32-bit digital effects, connections for a dedicated tuner, headphones, subwoofer, active speaker, left and right line level signals, stereo record jack, master insert for effects, auxiliary in and return with level control, presence control, DI controls, notch filter, USB interface, external effects send and return with controls, mic input, and footswitch. PHEW! What can’t you do with this thing? By all appearances, the acoustiCube 3 covers every possible situation from gigging to practicing at home to recording.

  • This baby just seems very cool Dan. I think my Taylor 314ce with the Expression system would work well with the AER acoustiCube 3 huh?!

  • Your Taylor would work great with this amp, especially as the Expression System in Taylor guitars is really well done.

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