Podcast 6: Interview with Steve White


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Taken from the Steve White’s website: He plays guitar in a low tuning of his own invention, he plays a bass line while alternating a slap-string right hand style with rhythmic accents on the off-beats, playing the guitar-top like a drum. With a slide on his pinky, a wailing blues harmonica on a rack in front of his mouth filling the breaks between raspy-voiced verses, and his clog-shod feet drumming away on an amplified footboard of his own design – the concert audience experiences a musical thunderstorm.


Blues artist Steve White riffin’ guitar, bass, harmonica, vocals and drums

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Show Notes

    1. The Kingston Trio
    2. Bud and Travis
    3. Elvis Presley
    4. Swamp/Delta Blues
    5. Lightnin’ Hopkins
    6. Bob Dylan
    7. Harmonica
    8. Lead Belly
    9. Chuck Berry
    10. Martin D28 Guitar
    11. Baritone Guitar
    12. AER Guitars
    13. Laos
    14. Thailand
    15. Malaysia
    16. Vietnam
    17. USIA
    18. Air America Airline
    19. Cambodia
    20. Del Mar Fair
    21. Joan Hunt
    22. Walter Trout
    23. Joe Bonamassa
    24. Ana Popovic
    25. Steve’s Baritone Guitar Tuning: D: A-E-A-D-F#-A
    26. Steve White’s Official Website
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