Podcast 5: Interview with Tom Stanton


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Taken from the Surf Kings website: Tom Stanton is an accomplished guitarist, writer, arranger, producer and performer. Tom has written and produced two internationally acclaimed CD’s, composed and recorded songs for movies, commercials and TV productions. He has been playing and performing for over 40 years, in the 90’s toured Europe with his band the Surf Kings 3 times. Read Tom’s full Bio here.


Tom Stanton of the Surf Kings behind bars while on Tour in Europe

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Show Notes:

1. The Surf Kings
2. The Crossfires
3. The Turtles
4. The Beatles
5. The Byrds
6. Silvertone model: 1449
7. Duane Eddy
8. Dick Dale
9. The Avengers
10. Jeff Beck
11. Eric Clapton
12. Jimmy Paige & Led Zeppelin
13. Up From the Depths (2003)
14. Coming Up From Air (2004)
15. Don Murray (drums)
16. Brian Wilson
17. The Safaris
18. Surfers Paradise
19. Pat Raymond (Bass)
20. Rico Veale (drums)
25. Jim Harris (drums)
26. Dana Brown
27. Step into Liquid (film)
28. Lobotomy
29. Bill Lawrence Strat
30. Fender Guitars
31. Music Exchange Guitar Shop
32. Jimi Hendrix
33. Fender SQ Squire Stratocaster
34. Guitar Center
35. Fender Strat Plus
36. Ibanez Jet King
37. Peavey JSX Signature Amp
38. Bigsby Tremolo
39. 1962 Gibson Hummingbird Acoustic
40. Buffalo Brothers Guitar Shop
41. Takamine Acoustic Guitars
42. 1962 Epiphone Casino
43. Misirlou
44. Woodie Surf Wagen
45. 60s Fender Showman (Blonde Tolex)
46. Digital Delay
47. The Beach Boys
48. Surf Kings offical website
49. Myspace Page

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