Podcast 11: Interview with HeXx Henderson


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Taken from HeXx Henderson’s website: musical influences include rock guitar heros like Jimi Hendrix, Ritchie Blackmore, Roy Buchanan, Jeff Beck, The Ventures, and Lonny Mack. Great Lap Steel Guitar players like Leon McAuliffe, Santo and Johnny, Buddy Emmons, Alvino Rey, and Little Roy Wiggins, pioneering lap steel Blues players Hop Wilson and Freddy Roulette, and jazz organ great Jimmy Smith also had a big impact on HeXx. Through his study of Rock, Blues, and Country’s greatest masters, and by playing with musicians of the highest caliber, HeXx doggedly earned a profound knowledge of music which enables him to weave many influences and styles together to form a very distinctive new sound. Rock, Jazz, Blues, Country, and Hawaiian music, with threads of Gospel, Pop, Surf, Heavy Metal, and Funk, all color the final, masterful design….

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Show Notes:

  1. Bob Wills
  2. Beatles
  3. Hendrix
  4. Bass Guitar
  5. Frederick’s of Hollywood
  6. Acoustic Control Corporation 126
  7. Johnny Winter
  8. David Allan Coe
  9. Steel Guitar
  10. Eddie Van Halen – Eruption
  11. Tribute to Hendrix – Star Spangled Banner
  12. Dimebag Darrell
  13. Dimebag Darrell killed in shooting
  14. Carol Kaye
  15. Bo Diddley
  16. NAMM 2010
  17. Joe Bonamassa
  18. Asher Guitars
  19. Trailer Trash Pedal Boards
  20. ’73 Fender Super 6 Reverb
  21. ’72 Fender Twin Reverb
  22. ’78 Lab Series L11
  23. ’37 Rickenbacker Model B
  24. Bakelite
  25. Leo Fender
  26. Standard Lap Steel Tuning
  27. Dolly Parton Signiture Series Guitar
  28. Epiphone Les Paul 100
  29. Foxrox Wah Mod
  30. Seymour Duncan’s Twin Tube Classic Overdrive
  31. Danelectro DJ-10 Grilled Cheese Distortion
  32. Boss TU-Tuner
  33. HeXx Website
  34. HeXx Myspace
  35. Men who look like Kenny Rogers
  36. HeXx Youtube Channel
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