Podcast 1: Interview with Anthony Contreras


We are stoked to present our first podcast in a series of interviews we have recorded with a variety of kick ass guitarists. In this first episode, Frank Butler interviews Southern California’s own Anthony Contreras. AC is an awesome blues guitarist who regularly plays with White Boy James and the Blues Express at some of California’s hotest blues venues. Recently he played at the famous Doheny Blues Festival. Frank and AC talk about everything from AC’s first guitar to who he would like to jam with some day. Check it out!


Show Notes:

  1. Anthony Contreras
  2. White Boy James and the Blues Express
  3. Lynwood Slim
  4. Jr and the Flames of Rythm
  5. Ron Felton (Drums)
  6. Scott Lambert (Upright Basssist)
  7. Greg (Piano/Lead Vocals)
  8. Silvertone (Acoustic Guitar)
  9. Harmony Guitars
  10. 1955 Harmony H62
  11. 1952 Harmony H44 Stratatone
  12. 1965 Gibson ES-330
  13. 1965 Fender Pro Reverb Amplifier
  14. 1950 Magnatone 260 A Amplifier
  15. Fender Reverb Tank
  16. 1950 Oahu Tone Master Amplifier
  17. 1965 Fender Princeton Amplifier
  18. Fender (Silverface) Champ Amplifier
  19. Memory Man Delay effects
  20. 2009 Doheny Blues Festival
  21. Sven Zetterberg
  22. 2000 lbs of Blues
  23. Rick Holmstrom
  24. Rod Piazza
  25. Al Blake
  26. Jamie Wood Band
  27. Johnny Dyer
  28. James Harman
  29. The White House
  30. Big Rockin Daddy
  31. Henry Carbajal guitar

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