Namm Guitar Lesson: Mark Wein Explains Hendrix Chords

Guitarist Mark Wein riffing during an impromptu guitar lesson at NAMM

SMG’s own Oscar Jordan caught up with guitarist and teacher extraordinaire Mark Wein at the 2010 NAMM show. Mark showed Oscar a few cool tricks that can take any axe picker from sounding average to awesome in minutes. Check out the bluesy Hendrix rhythm lesson that Mark gave us on the spot from the NAMM floor.

Mark has been playing and teaching guitar for over 20 years in Southern California. Check out Mark’s free video lessons on his website. Be sure to watch anyone one of Mark’s excellent video lessons. You might also notice that he has a killer collection of guitars too.

Over the years Mark has played guitar in several bands of various genres including a band called, “The New Originals.” I wonder if they had to change their name to the New Originals when the East End Originals (now the Regulars) threatened a law suit? I guess we’ll have to wait until we run into Mark again to find out.

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