NAMM 2010 – SMG Checks Out Coil Guitars

Bruce Jacob armed with one of his killer Coil Guitars at 2010 NAMM

We were lucky enough to catch up with the founder of Coil Guitars on the 3rd day of NAMM. Coil makes awesome guitars and their electronics are developed by guitar-playing engineering professors, so you know they’re amazing. Their electronics are insanely versatile, and are now available to anyone to put in any guitar. Check out this video demonstration we shot at NAMM…

Coil Guitars was started when Bruce became frustrated while searching for a guitar with must-have features, like multi-tone circuits, neck-through construction, and an ebony fretboard with real abalone inlays. He had no problem finding guitars with those specs, the problem was that they all cost more than 2 grand. Out of Bruce’s frustration, came Coil Guitars. In addition to making the electronics that Bruce talked about in the video, they also make a pretty awesome lineup of guitars, like the classy Ronin double cutaway ($999) and the asymmetrical double cutaway Hammer ($999), which is bad ass. They’re definitely a boutique guitar company worth checking out.

Photo and video © 2010 by Dan Coplan

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