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  • Mickey Richardson

    This is a very creative gift for that hard to shop for axe slinger. He or she will grin from ear to ear with this t-shirt and amp under the tree and will be jingle bell rockin’ in seconds…Dan, nice tab book dude!!!!

  • Both amps rock. The shirt comes with an amp that fits in an inside pocket. I is extra cool that the volume goes to 11. Outstanding.

    I plugged my Strat into that little Marshall and have been doing my best to kill the first 9-volt dead.

    How can you tell if it is a good toy? If your finger tips are tender, that’s how!

    I need a video now, Green Screen Trio maybe, play the Strat through the Marshall jammin with another me on the shirt. Oh, crap! Now I need to get the drum shirt too! It is a trio after all.

  • Mickey Richardson

    LMAO DAN!!!

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