James Durbin ROCKs American Idol!

American Idol contestant James Durbin representing rock music, guitar playing and kickin’ ass!

He’s In It To Win It! No doubt about it. James Durbin has consistently performed beyond expectations and rocked American Idol viewers to new heights. From Metal to Muse, Durbin slays the crowd each and every time.


Last nights performance featured James Durbin taking on the Carole King hit: Will you still love me tomorrow. Durbin’s vocals were spot on, very soulful with a straight from the 80s rock flavor and attitude that sent out a message to show fans…. rock is the KING, at least it was last night. Who knows how the contest will eventually pan out.

How does one win American Idol, you might ask? People call in and vote. This leads to a discussion about demographics and who makes up a larger percentage of the voting population… does it swing towards those who favor: Pop, Country, Jazz, Rock, R&B?


It’s a democratic process, and that’s good, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the best singer will win it all. That being said, I am comfortable in predicting one thing…  Durbin has a very bright future ahead. SMG fans will be happy to know that Durbin is a guitarist, has killer vocals and prefers to ROCK than to POP! Come on America, you know what needs to happen.

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