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  • Mickey

    Good thing you’re not a drummer which could have lead to spontaneously exploding.
    Very glad you’re back to full vision and 12-string guitar mastery!

  • Frank

    I know what you you mean Dan. I have been practicing in the dark for a long time. It really helps remind your brain that you do know where you have been so many times before. Now that my sight is going, its becoming more of a thing I do whether I want to or not! Too lazy for lasik eye surgery and reading glasses aren’t hip on stage!

  • I know it’s wrong – serious and hurtful event and all that – but I lol at the title every time. 🙂

  • @frank HA! My son, Tom, is in a band “Sister Grizzly” in San Fransisco. When he got his glasses he did a bit about getting reverse lasik so he could look like a “hipster indie douchebag” too. ALO

    I’m rocking that patch, no? I should plunder some booty and drink some mead!

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