Podcast 4: Interview with L.A. Jones


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Taken from L.A. Jones official website: L.A. Jones is an entertainer in the business of show-biz. Over the years L. A. Jones has honed these entertainment skills to a razor sharp edge, bringing down the house using dynamics reminiscent of the mind-boggling technique of Buddy Guy or the note economics and soul-searching feel of his hero, B.B. King . In addition he uses many different tunings on as many different guitars (both right and left-handed) that keep people talking and musicians fighting among themselves. There is not a gig that L. A. Jones plays without some pleased patron commenting on left handed guitarist L. A. Jones’ ability to effortlessly switch between left and right handed guitars and play either with equal facility and at the same time produce totally different and totally incredible sounds and styles. This is something that NOBODY, but nobody, else in the business does. Check out L.A.’s full bio.


L.A. Jones jamming on a right handed vintage ’62 Fender Strat!

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Show Notes

    1.  W.C. Handy Award
    2.  Elvis Presley
    3.  B.B. King
    4.  L.A. Jones and the Blues Messengers
    5.  Willie Dixon
    6.  Chicago Blues
    7.  Albert King
    8.  Gibson Flying V
    9.  1962 Fender Stratocaster
    10. 1964 Fender Super Reverb Amp
    11. 1964 Fender Princeton Amp
    12. 1965 Gibson 335
    13. Guitar Luthier
    14. Joe Bonamassa
    15. Buddy Guy
    16. Otis Rush
    17. Albert’s special tuning
    18. Enrico Crivellaro
    19. Vincenzo Barattin
    20. Bill Stuve
    25. Live in Austria CD “Man Alive”

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  • Jacob

    Pretty sure that Hendrix was known to do that on occasion as well… If I remember right, the first time he met Clapton he just flipped the axe and played it as it was… but I could be wrong.

    • Mickey

      Jacob – You are right, I have also read that Hendrix could play this way and no reason not to believe it. Funny enough I took lessons from a lefty guitarist and he would grab my guitar sometimes and play it so it’s obviously something most left handed guitarist have dabbled around with. Now Jimi was known for normally rearranging the strings on his right-handed strat to play like a lefty. In the podcast LA Jones also talks about how most lefties know how to play a “righty” out of necessity. What’s really cool to me is when you listen in the podcast to the skill that LA Jones serves up when playing his guitars either way (right or left handed) and its pretty damn phenomenal.

  • Jack

    If you’re from Connecticut (as I am), you may well know of LA Jones.

    He’s a very talented blues guitarist.

    He’s also one seriously weird guy..and that’s by MUSICIAN standards.

    The alternate tunings? Give me a break. He tries to create a myth/mystery with that stuff. He IS talented but please don’t perpetuate that stuff that he’s saying about ‘his’ tunings. He’ll tell you he builds guitars too if you listen long enough. Again, false.

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