In a Band? Here are Tips for Band Marketing

In a Band? Here are Tips for Band Marketing by

Band marketing can be frustrating if you do not have a long term plan, especially one that deals with stardom. If you are unsure with what to do to promote your band, you’re as good as done. So what can you do to have your band and your music ride the airwaves?

Have a solid fan base

Your family and friends are the closest people you have and chances are they’ll be supportive of your music. Keep them close to you by regularly updating them with new songs you’ve created. Band marketing usually starts small but if you have a solid fan base, you’ll go far.

Music samples

Make sure to have samples of your music all the time. Whether you’re on your way to the supermarket or to the nearest mall, always bring cd’s with your music in it. Having your music on hand is key to music marketing. You should be reliable all the time. It’s not a good thing when people ask for a music sample and you can’t give any. Also, be ready when attending social events. It’s either you ask the party host to let you play or vice versa. Just be sure to be ready with a song or two always.

Logo, posters, stickers, and other goods

It is always nice to have various forms of visual aid that constantly reminds people of you. Have a logo customized for your band, one that stands out but is relatable. Remember that your fan base will usually consist of people who can relate to your music and image. Once you have a logo; with your band name; print posters and stickers you can give out to people. In band marketing you should have goods such as t-shirts or wristbands with your bands name printed on it. You can sell or give this out during shows.


With any type of music promotion, you’ll have to localize. It means you’ll have to seek the help of a local radio station, TV station, newspaper and a bar. A local radio can help in band marketing by playing your songs on the air, while a local TV station may feature you on a show. A local newspaper may write an article about you while a local bar can be a regular “gig place” for your band. There is nothing wrong with starting this way because as said earlier, your first fan base will usually start with the people you are more familiar with.

Use the internet

More and more artists are using the internet to promote themselves and you can too. Here are some popular websites that are reliable for producing stars.

  • Last.Fm
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

These websites have proven their worth by helping aspiring stars get a name both in the local and international music industry. Take note that people around the globe are fund of using the internet, so this is a great way to expose your band and your music. Band marketing also means creating your own blog – so you may answer questions and know more what people expect from you.

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