I Can’t Believe We’re Talking About (Guitar) Practice!

Okay, so today we’ll be talking about practicing. I know that everyone has their own way about it, but this is something sure to help. What I like to do is practice scales & modes. The reason simply put is that it adds SO MUCH flavor to you solos! It doesn’t even matter whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran guitar player, trust me, this will do wonders for your playing almost instantly!


Now getting down to business, I suggest that you begin by going down to one of those big-box chain guitar stores like Guitar Center or Sam Ash (they seem to usually have decent selections) and buy the fattest book they have on scales & modes. If your strapped for cash, you can Google the term “Scales and Modes” and  probably find something good to print out. For maximum results, practice time on this should be one hour daily for 30 days straight (so mark your calendar when you start) and you will definitely see a major improvement in your soloing.

Check out some examples of situations that you can relate to:

  • Being in a rut (don’t know what to play or practice, bored)
  • Wanting to learn a guitar solo by guys like Randy Rhoads, Eddie Van Halen or Yngwie Malmsteen.         Believe it or not, all those dudes solos are based on scales & modes all mixed in.
  • Want a quick fix to upgrading your skills.
  • Show off to other shredders, the minute you play a e harmonic minor at full speed watch their eyes.

I think you get the point. One other thing, buy yourself a metronome when you practice these. This is an absolute must! Alright, my guitar is restless and I must rock this joint… till next time!

Shred and Wake the Dead

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