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  • Dan (@DaedalusT)

    I have a Yamaha 12-string up at my parents’ house that hasn’t been played in ages… and for that matter I think has never had more than 11 strings on it at a time! I should grab it next time I’m up there, restring it, and see what I can make it do for me…

  • Mickey Richardson

    The idea of tuning and stringing a 12-string had kept me backing away, but no longer. I’m gonna pick up one as soon as I can, thanks for the great tips dan!

  • I Love that picture!

    yea, go get em, string em and PLAY them.

    There are some awesome open tunings and fancy shmancy tricks. I would just like to hear more “regular” 12-string.

    Think about tuning the pairs in fifths instead of octaves though… interesting sound.

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