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  • Mickey

    Hey Dan, I really don’t wanna suck at the Blues…. thanks for the lesson! I’ll put it to use man.

  • Dan

    It was the JAM at the CAM that made me go back to the woodshed and work on my own chops. It has been a while since I played electric. I realized I was getting that “patterned” sound again. I don’t know what it is. There comes a point when you feel like you have played every possible combination of notes that could ever possibly be played against a 12-bar blues. There is only 48 down beats man! Then you sit down one day and start playin’ and you find stuff new again, stuff you never heard before. Writing this made me go get my guitar and think about my own sound and how lazy I have been.

    I hope this ties up some loose ends for newbies and inspires veterans to play in a different direction. Diagonally maybe…

    Come on folks, get in on the fun. What is your best blues tip? Let’s JAM.

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