Guitar Show Roundup


Here is a list of all the guitar shows I know about in the U.S. If you know of one I missed, let me know in the comments. I plan on continually updating this post to keep it a current, so definitely bookmark it for future reference.

January 14-17, 2010
Anaheim, CA

  • A “trade-only” event. Essentially you have to work for an approved retail establishment (or have a buddy who does if you know what I mean, nudge nudge) to get in. Worth it if you can get your hands on some tickets.
  • If they were smart they’d have one day open to the public, I don’t know why they’re so stingy about who can enter the show.

4 Amigos Guitar Shows
October, 2009 (Arlington)
January, 2010 (San Francisco and Los Angeles)
March, 2010
May, 2010 (Chicago)
July, 2010 (San Francisco)
August, 2010 (Los Angeles)

  • Co-sponsored by Vintage Guitar Magazine and open to the public.
  • All events are buy-sell-trade shows, where attendees may bring their musical instruments or related items. By getting bids from several exhibitors, you can quickly establish the market value of an item, and proceed to sell or trade with confidence.
  • Attendees may see everything from guitars, amps, banjos, mandolins, effects, memorabilia, sound gear, parts, records, drums, violins, books, accessories, online companies, manufacturers, retail stores, builders, and repairmen, to celebrities who attend the event.

Great American Guitar Show
November 7-8, 2009
King of Prussia, PA

South Carolina Guitar Show
February 27-28, 2010
Spartanburg, SC

Orlando International Guitar & Music Expo
January 29-31, 2010
Orlando, FL

  • The Expo is attended by an international group of guitar dealers, buyers, traders, collectors, and players.
  • Also in the convention center at the same time is a vintage car auction.
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