Guitar Review: The Daisy Rock Siren Electric Guitar

This week’s review is dedicated to all the female rockers out there that might want a more colorful axe! The Daisy Rock Siren electric guitar has all the features that you would expect in a rock guitar, with the added flashy paint job.

The Daisy Rock Siren Electric Guitar

The Daisy Rock has a sycamore body with a sweet pearloid top that produces great rock tone. The Siren has a bolt-on maple neck with a fast rosewood fretboard that gives you that classic feel we have all come to love. You get smooth action with the 24-3/4″ scale neck and 22 medium frets.

The Daisy Rock Siren can go from clean to scream with the dual Daisy Rock humbuckers. The Siren comes standard with oval inlays that add to its sparkling finish. The daisy Rock utilizes a single master volume knob and one tone knob connected to a 3-way toggle switch. The Daisy Rock Siren comes with the classic Tune-O-Matic Bridge with a stop bar tailpiece. The custom Daisy rock tuners will keep you in tune through even the most brutal of gigs or rehearsals. With its chrome hardware the Daisy Rock Siren truly has a look of its own on and off stage.

The Daisy Rock is lightweight and easy to handle for long sessions on your feet. With a full tone and a great feel, the Daisy Rock Siren is the perfect axe for those who are looking to bring a little flash to the stage, while putting out great rock tone. With the current price tag at $349.00, this is a good upgrade from a beginning guitar.

My Opinion of the Daisy Rock Siren is positive. It has an above average tone, while still maintaining a lighter weight. I played the Siren through two amps, a Mesa Boogie and a Marshall, both sounded great with this guitar. The Bridge humbucker puts out a bright chunky tone while the neck is warm and great for rhythm tones. Although I found it more of a rhythm guitar, the Siren has a decent attack when ripping out solos. All in all it’s a pretty cool guitar, although I would prefer to see it priced a little less than $349.00. Check one out and see if the Daisy Rock Siren is the axe for you!

Till next week, thanks for reading and keep shredding!

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