Guitar Review: Stonebridge GS23-CR Acoustic Guitar

A beautiful hand built and angelic sounding guitar from Furch Stonebridge

The Unbelievable Stonebridge GS23-CR Acoustic Guitar

This beautiful guitar is of some of the finest craftsmanship I have had the pleasure of playing. I’d like to thank one of our members from the SMG social network by the name of Ray in advance for suggesting that we review this guitar. After nearly a week of trying to track one down, I made a few calls and luckily one of the studio musicians I work with happened to have one in the shop. Before I started asking questions I locked myself in a room and went to town.

The Stonebridge GS23-CR is crafted with a solid Cedar top and Indian Rosewood back and sides. The GS neck has a hand crafted Honduras mahogany neck that has a feel that rivals even the most elite of acoustic guitars. With its ebony fretboard and powdered finish, it’s like fretting on a pillow. The GS Tusq nut & saddle is 45mm (1 ¾”) in width with superb action. String tension is flawless with the Schaller amber button tuners and the ebony bridge. The GS23-CR comes with Abalone position dots and ebony bridge pins. With its high gloss nitro cellulose lacquer finish, you will be more protected against surface scratches.

In my opinion,  this amazing guitar is up there with high-end Taylor and Martin guitars. You will get lost in the sheer beauty of its tone and resonance. The neck is fast and comfortable which will keep you going for hours and hours. The GS cutaway is out far enough to reach all 21 frets without contorting your wrist like some other guitars will have you doing.

The GS23-CR has a plain look to it but don’t let that distract from its monstrous sound and bright tone. The GS23 has a slight twang in its step that was most soothing. For about an hour I couldn’t pin point what I was hearing because I had never heard it before in an acoustic guitar. This guitar really has an inspiring presence to it as well as effortless playability.

The Stonebridge guitars are crafted in the Czech Republic and were introduced to the United States in 2005. While they are not your average guitar shop inventory you can find these guitars online and in some smaller boutique guitar shops. The price tag on this model is around $1,849.00 but worth every penny. To give you an idea of the speciallity of this guitar, the studio that houses this guitar locks it in a gun safe while most other guitars are kept in a closet.

If you ever come across one of these magnificent guitars try it out, you will be in awe. As of now I can only dream of getting my hands on one of these, I have added it to my list of must haves. Thank you to Ray for the tip on this beast of a guitar. Till next week, thanks for reading and keep on shredding!

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