Guitar Review: Parker Nitefly Mojo Flame Top


My review of the week brought me to the amazingly gentle Parker Nitefly Mojo Flame Top guitar and by gentle I mean it feels like you are holding a newborn baby in your hands. You feel like you are going to break it somehow. But don’t be afraid as it is very well put together.

With its very unique body shape and ultra-thin body the Parker Nitefly weighs only 6lbs, very comfy. With a flamed maple top set over a solid mahogany body it delivers a full warm tone with elegant mids and highs that resonate like nothing I have ever heard. Its 25.5″ scale mahogany bolt on neck is reinforced with a carbon glass-epoxy fretboard giving it superb feel strength and warp resistant. This model comes with 22 medium stainless steel frets for excellent string grip.

The parker Nitefly comes with three count them… three pickups, the Seymour Duncan Jazz (neck) the JB (bridge) and a Fishman Piezo. The Duncan pickups are crisp and bright yet smooth and warm depending on which setting you are currently in. The Parker uses a 3-way selector switch with push/pull coil tapping for endless tone possibilities. The Fishman Piezo system bridge pickup lends the acoustic sound of the gods. If you shut your eyes it sounds like playing a high end Taylor, amazing. One great feature amongst all is the Sperzel locking tuners keeping you in tune during your noodling hour.


Look at the flame on that one… This one CAN be played!

The Parker Nitefly Mojo Flame top also comes with an active Fishman stereo Preamp running the Piezo. The Parker also comes with a smart switching split stereo or mono jack. could they possibly give me anything more to toy with? The answer being YES! A Graph Tech self-lubricating nut, which lends for smooth string movement keeping tension off your strings.

My over all opinion on this magnificent instrument is two enthusiastic thumbs up, 4-stars, grade A. Can you tell I like it? This guitar is one of the best instruments I have had the pleasure to noodle on. The neck isn’t as fast as some but it is way more precise then your average redwood fretboard. It has a great feel and it is very comfortable. The cutaway is cut to perfection allowing you to reach every fret on the neck without contorting your wrist. The awesome tonal abilities were shocking and in great numbers. I played with it for about 3 hours and still had not used all the tonal combination’s. Mind you it is priced for more then the average guitar players pocket book above the $3000.00 tag, it is well worth the money to add one to the collection.

With this guitar you really don’t need any other guitars. With tones ranging from old-school fenders to les Paul’s to acoustic magic, The Parker Nitefly Mojo is a masterpiece ahead of its time. So there you have it! Till next time happy hunting and keep shredding.

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